Personal Accident and Illness

TAI is one of the few providers in New Zealand offering individual and group Personal Accident and Illness insurance solutions

Personal Accident insurance provides financial protection in the event of accidental injury, disability, or death. It is designed to offer individuals and their families peace of mind by providing financial support during challenging times. This insurance policy typically covers a wide range of accidents, including those that occur at home, work, or during leisure activities.
About a third of medical issues that prevent people from working are accident related, with the remainder due to illness.

This policy goes beyond the cover that ACC provides as it often:

  • includes cover for serious illness
  • cover if ACC does not respond
  • tops up ACC payments from 80% to 100% of pre-accident income

Accidents or illness can happen to anyone, regardless of age or occupation, and the financial consequences can be significant. TAI’s agreed value Personal Accident and Illness insurance solutions provide a safety net, ensuring that individuals and their loved ones are protected financially in the event of an accident or illness, allowing them to focus on recovery and rebuilding their lives.

TAI has appetite for unusual or difficult to place risks and occupations. Recent examples include pilots, professional athletes and sports teams, and forestry contractors.

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